Why you should drink Natural Alkaline Water?

Why you should drink Natural Alkaline Water

Alkalinity is the natural design of human body but acidity is resulted from our metabolic function and diet and lifestyle choices!

Scientific researches have been warning that modern diet is producing too much acid in the body and because our body is an intelligent system, it balances the PH state and accumulates excess acids in tissues and organs in order to

remove them from blood but overtime they might become overloaded and diseased!

In this article, we will introduce Natural Alkaline water, natures’ solution to our modern acidity problem!


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What is natural alkaline water?

Natural Alkaline Water is the product of centuries of water passing through a long journey and reacting chemically with the earth’s precious minerals. Because of this chemical exchange, the water acquires essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and chloride which raise the PH of water.

PH stands for power of Hydrogen. It is a 0 to 14 scale to determine acidity or alkalinity of chemicals with 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most base. A lower PH indicates concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) which is acid.

Natural alkaline water is not chemically treated in order to maintain the original PH state.


How does natural alkaline water benefit health?


  • Balancing PH

In order to know the benefits of alkaline water, you need to understand the PH level of body and its regulation.

Every part of human body has fixed PH level ranging from very acidic in the stomach and slightly alkaline in the blood. The PH of stomach must be acidic as low as 2 in order to digest the food we eat and kill the harmful pathogens but the blood circulates in the whole body and passes through veins and soft tissues so it can’t be too coercive for delicate membranes. That is why blood PH is always fixed on 7.4! Other parts such as eyes have the same PH as blood because they are extremely sensitive too but skin has more resilience at PH of below 5!

On the other hand, our metabolic process produces large quantities of H+ acid each day in contrast to our chemistry which needs to be alkaline to survive!

In order to maintain the PH levels optimal, body requires certain chemicals, vitamins and minerals such as calcium and magnesium. If the diet does not provide this nutrition, they will be taken from internal sources such as bones and muscles and this is where the problem begins. Over time this withdrawal process will lead to muscle loss and bone weakness and subsequently chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis.

Natural alkaline water with its PH of over 7-8 can restore your body to its appropriate PH level and provide good amount of minerals.


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  • Hydrating

Natural Alkaline water has micro clusters at molecular level which allows your body to absorb water faster providing quick hydration. This is specifically beneficial in cases of dehydration or in hot weather.


  • Detoxification

Acidic byproducts of metabolism along with heavy metals toxicity of the environment can become life threatening if left unnoticed. Regular or interval detoxification is a good practice to cleanse the body of the harmful waste material in order to restore optimum health.

Natural alkaline mineral water with its appropriate PH level and mineral content can help your body to detox efficiently even on a daily basis.


  • Boosting immune system

Your immune system has a natural alkaline state in order to be able to fight pathogens and also requires many essential minerals both of which are provided with natural alkaline mineral water.


  • Healing Chronic diseases

Disease is the lack of health where PH imbalance, nutritional deficiencies and environmental factors have caused disturbance in your natural healthy state; therefore, diseases such as cancer, diabetes and hypertension have developed.

Natural alkaline water with all its healthy properties helps your body hydrate, detox and be nourished with essential minerals and in the process the disease is dissolved and natural health will shine again!


What is natural alkaline water


  • Anti ageing

Aging is the process of losing optimum health due to wrong lifestyle choices and environmental pollutions both of which are partly manageable!

Lifestyle choices mainly include diet meaning what you eat and don’t eat. Certain foods especially in modern diet imbalances the body at PH level and nutritional state which can be corrected by consumption of healthy foods!

Natural alkaline water is one of the healthiest waters that can offset the damage of unhealthy foods. It acts as an alkalizing agent and provides enough essential minerals for a youthful body and mind.

The antioxidant profile of it also helps enormously with anti aging because they counter effect the oxidation process.


  • Weight loss

Weight gain is often resulted from high acidity and lack of nutrition because your body will encourage you to eat food in order to balance PH and receive the essential minerals that are needed. But normal diet and eating habits are not PH-balanced or nutrition-dense; therefore, more food is eaten to meet the requirements and this vicious cycle continues until you notice your weight gain!

Natural alkaline mineral water provides a good amount of essential minerals; therefore, you don’t have to eat too much food and your weight loss is achieved in no time!


Is there any risk associated with natural alkaline water?

Natural alkaline water has the right PH for human consumption; therefore, drinking it even everyday is not a concern but if you have certain medical condition, you should consult with your doctor first.

The mineral content in alkaline water is in a safe range for body to handle and if there is any excess, it will be discharged through urination.

Natural alkaline water is naturally protected by its environment through sands and rocks in addition to being tested in laboratory before bottling. Storage and deliveries are also regulated so the chance of contamination is almost ZERO.



Natural alkaline water is a gift of nature because it helps your body to achieve optimum health again by restoring PH level and providing essential minerals which leads to detoxification, nourishment and rejuvenation.

Hourin natural alkaline water has a PH of 8.2 which is one of the highest quality mineral water in the market. It has a perfect mineral profile just appropriate for human consumptions. It is sourced from one of the ancient and purest springs in the world protected in a green ad clean environment. The production process is also perfect with world class laboratory and bottling process being done at the source and away from industrial and residential pollution. No chemical treatment is performed in order to preserve the original state of being the best natural mineral water!


Hourin natural alkaline water