Natural Oxygenated Water, a Miracle!

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Oxygen is vital to our life and without it we will not survive more than 5 minutes! Compare it to our survival rate in the lack of water (1 week) and food (1 month) and you really realize its life sustaining power!

In order to inhale enough oxygen, you first need to breath properly and the air must also have proper ratio of oxygen

which is about 21% of atmospheric concentration. Considering the fast and stressful lifestyle we are living, chances

are you just habitually take shallow breathes. On the other hand, the environment is also polluted by all sort of harmful gases. It seems that a healthy alternative can help to provide you with extra oxygen!

In this article, we will introduce an affordable solution to our oxygen problem, the Natural Oxygenated Water!


Hourin Natural Oxygenated Water


What is natural oxygenated water?

Natural oxygenated water is usually flowing forcefully from underground or top of the mountains where it has been collecting for centuries and getting infused with minerals. Because of its long journey and the very act of springing, the water is aerated with extra oxygen which provides healing ability!

Oxygenated water should be bottled at the source without any chemical treatment in order to be labeled natural but specialty laboratory tastings are done extensively to investigate any possible contamination.

Why you should drink natural oxygenated water?

Being natural means the water has been captured from a source such as a spring or artesian aquifer. These natural sources collect water from rain or glaciers that are melting down and stream it out energetically through an opening. Because the water has been in touch with rocks and sands for a long time, it collects essential minerals. Considering that natural oxygenated water has the benefit of extra oxygen, the extra minerals provide double health benefits and also raise the PH to an alkaline level!

You should drink natural oxygenated water because:


  • It increases your Metabolism:

Metabolism is the process of inhaling O2 and exhaling CO2, digesting and absorbing foods and water and excreting the waste. This intelligent system requires great amount of oxygen and minerals to function optimally and provide hydration and energy for every cell in your body. Natural oxygenated water can provide good amount of oxygen and minerals on a daily basis to boost your metabolism and keep your fire burning hot!


  • It boosts your Brain:

Brain is dead 5 seconds after the oxygen supply is disturbed and enters into a state of coma or worth! Even lack of enough oxygen can make brain fuggy and unfocused. Natural oxygenated water is a great way to increase oxygen level for your brain to have mental alertness and strength.


  • It relaxes your Muscles:

Other than proteins, muscles need oxygen and minerals to contract and relax effortlessly. If you exercise anaerobically, your oxygen need will increase dramatically in order to neutralize lactic acid build up (muscle burn). If this acid is not neutralized, your PH level will become acidic and your body has to go through extra process to protect your blood and vital organs from acidosis. Natural oxygenated water can help neutralize acidity by its alkalinity, extra oxygen and minerals.


  • It facilitates your Digestion:

Digestion starts in your mouth where saliva breaks down some nutrient and passes it on to stomach which produces acid to fully digest the food. More digestive juices are created to absorb and distribute the food and flush the waste products out of the body. This process requires oxygen, water and nutrients in order for full nourishment without damaging vital organs such as kidneys, stomach and intestines. Natural oxygenated water is potent in facilitating this intelligent tract and taking the burden off your hard working organs.


Hourin Natural Oxygenated Water Co


  • It strengthens your Immune System:

Environment is full of pathogens and your body is always under attack; therefore, having strong immune system is vital to your life. But this system can only operate optimally if you have all the requirements which include clean water, minerals and oxygen! Natural oxygenated water provides all these elements in addition to being more pure and having antioxidants that help your immune system fight off oxidation and detox the waste byproducts.


  • It has Anti-Ageing effects:

Aging has always been a concern for humanity and many scientific researchers are trying to discover new ways to preserve youth. They all point to the importance of drinking water, supplying enough oxygen and taking minerals in order to prevent disease and rejuvenate hair and skin. It is proven that natural mineral oxygenated water has all these anti-aging elements!


  • It enhances your Athletic Performance:

Exercise is good only when you enjoy it which really depends on how you perform it! Your performance at sports or working out is the result of the energetic state you have and the nutrition you hold in your system. Without adequate oxygen supply and mineral reserves you won’t be able to perform optimally because the waste byproducts of exercise will be greater than your ability and the PH level in your muscles will change dramatically. Even after exercise you will need more water and oxygen to recover fast. Drinking natural mineral oxygenated water during and post workout boosts your system and energy for better performance and faster recovery resulting in more pleasure and gain!


  • It speeds up your Fat Loss:

Fat loss is an aerobic process meaning there is enough oxygen to burn fat as the source of energy. Natural oxygenated water is a good source of oxygen to tap into your stored fat and melt them down for a leaner and thinner body!


When not to drink natural oxygenated water?

Since the amount of oxygen in natural oxygenated water is in a safe range for human consumption, it is always fine to drink it unless you have been advised by your doctor otherwise!



Natural Oxygenated Water is a miracle of nature to support life, health and youthfulness! The extra oxygen facilitates your metabolism, nourishes every cell in your body and enhances your performance.

Hourin Natural Oxygenated Water is the result of a long journey taken by water through earth and its minerals in order to become one of the best natural mineral waters. It springs excitedly through rocks and gets oxygenated naturally.

Hourin water can also take a journey inside your body and free its collection of oxygen and minerals to help you stay healthy, happy and youthful. It is sourced from Dimeh spring in Koohrang, Iran. It has a collection of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and chloride with an alkaline PH of 8.07 which makes it one of the highest quality mineral waters.


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