What happens to your body when you drink natural alkaline water?!

Alkaline water has been the talk of health community for many years. Alkalinity is praised as the healthy natural state for your body due to the fact that modern diet has been acidifying the body for so long that many diseases have become widespread!

To understand the benefits of alkaline water for your health and longevity, you should first understand the basic

Natural Mineral Water is superior to tap water, here is why!

Believe it or not, one million bottles of mineral water are consumed globally every minute and it is reported that it has a 20% growth rate! Just add up the numbers and you will be surprised by consumer demand for natural mineral water in 2020!

The high demand and consumption can only be justified by the fact that natural mineral water has many advantages over tap water. Otherwise people wouldn’t pay extra money to buy drinking water?!

Reasons you should drink Natural Spring Mineral Water

Natural spring mineral water is a gift from earth filled with precious minerals that has been collected for thousands of years. The water is often contained underground but springs out excitedly from an opening to the surface to nourish plants and animals! But it can hydrate and nourish humans too!

In this article, we will give you 3 good reasons to start drinking natural spring mineral water right NOW.

The most expensive Mineral Water

Mineral Water has become so popular that almost everyone is holding a bottle when out and about. Some people even have given up tap water and only drink mineral water!

Conventionally the bottles are made from PET plastic for lighter weight and safer handling and of course lower cost.

The best natural mineral water is captured from mineral springs or artesian aquifers in some of the most beautiful

Why you should drink Natural Alkaline Water?

Alkalinity is the natural design of human body but acidity is resulted from our metabolic function and diet and lifestyle choices!

Scientific researches have been warning that modern diet is producing too much acid in the body and because our body is an intelligent system, it balances the PH state and accumulates excess acids in tissues and organs in order to

Natural Oxygenated Water, a Miracle!

Oxygen is vital to our life and without it we will not survive more than 5 minutes! Compare it to our survival rate in the lack of water (1 week) and food (1 month) and you really realize its life sustaining power!

In order to inhale enough oxygen, you first need to breath properly and the air must also have proper ratio of oxygen

which is about 21% of atmospheric concentration. Considering the fast and stressful lifestyle we are living, chances

The best of mineral spring waters in the world

Mineral Springs have always attracted attention and presence of people who are interested in their sparkling nature, extreme temperature, green and beautiful surrounding environment and their health benefits!

But gone are the days when you had to travel to a remote location to drink some mineral spring water! With invention of bottle and industrial advancements, you can enjoy the benefits of the highest quality mineral water at

History of bottled water

Water is always available in bottles at least to most of us and we enjoy this convenience and all the health benefits of drinking water when we go to gym, work and hiking to the point that a bottle of the highest quality mineral water is an essential part of our life but it was not always like this! There was a time when people have to go to great length to collect clean drinking water and they would have to find the safest way to store it.

Top 10 mineral water companies

The highest quality mineral water is captured from natural springs and artesian aquifers the mineral content of the spring determines the quality and taste of the water. The more pure the water is, along with having alkaline PH, essential minerals and healing ability, the quality is higher and the taste is more refreshing; therefore, the demand is greater.