Negin-e-Zardkooh-e-Koohrang has been established at the top of Iran in Dimeh village around Koohrang town in Chaharmahaal-e-Bakhtiari province, in 2007 in an area of 17000 m2, utilizing state-of-the-art technology of devices and equipment under licence of SACMI from Italy and microbial with a 185 persons employees in two work shifts. The QC lab is also equipped to the best and most modern devices. As a bold characteristic, this factory implements ICE oxygen microfiltration in refinery process. This means that there is no manipulation in water chemicals while so many other brand owners use reverse osmosis process and ultrafiltration methods which decreases the minerals dissolved in the water. Thus the body won’t be able to obtain its necessary minerals through water. Another specification is the prevention of utilizing ozone and chlorine which increase the risk of cancer. The filtration process is done only through sand filters and micro-filters. The product is permitted for children and eldery because of very low nitrate and zero nitrite content.

The factory is located in a far distance from big cities to avoid city and industrial sewer leach.

Water transfer is isolated as soon as the water is is spout out of the spring by means of standard, certificated pipework and steel tanks which omits the possibility of algae growth even if the product is exposed by sun radiation. Also there would be no micro-organism in the water and the turbidity is near distilled water.

Negin Zardkuh Kuhrang Company and Faratejarat Hakhamanesh Company with registration number 510886 were among successful traders in importing and exporting fields started their official cooperation in 2019. With merging these two companies and benefiting from experienced and skilled staffs and knowledge about production, export and import, they could achieve significant achievements in global trading.