Our objective is to be different from other brands. This characteristic makes improvement. We have proved our different characteristics in laboratories such as:

  • Alkaline pH is natural although other brands may increase it chemically.
  • Calcium content is the highest level that prevents blood coagulation and osteoporosis and hair and nail weakness.
  • Zero nitrite content.
  • Allowed for children and eldery due to low nitrate content of 28.8
  • Natural Alkaline pH  decreases the blood glucose and repeals poisonous compounds and tiredness in pregnant women.
  • Avoiding hazardous of disinfectants like implementation of chlorine and ozone that manipulates the chemical stability of water and generates undesirable compounds.
  • Prevents tooth decay due to flouride content.
  • Heals digestive diseases and seasonal allergies due to high dissolved oxygen and alkaline ph.