Natural Mineral Water


Water is vital for the health of the body. Our body loses some water during the day that we need to do something to compensate it. Drinking enough water helps our mental and physical functions work properly. We are committed to provide clean and safe water for consumers at home and at the workplace.

The range of our products allows our customers to have:

  • Portable drinking water bottles, easy and affordable
  • A healthy alternative to high-calorie and harmful drinks
  • Drinks with nutritional benefits like calcium and magnesium, naturally present in mineral waters.

Nowadays, we are aware of the benefits of proper diet and continuous physical activity. Drinking water bottles, with healthy water supply and excellent taste, play an important role in the health of our consumers.

Natural Mineral Water


Calcium 53
Chloride 31.2
Magnesium 9
Sodium 11
Nitrate 2.88
Fluoride 0.53
THE 145
TDS 230
PH 7.9