Natural Alkaline Water

Alkaline Natural Mineral Water
Composition mg/L
Calcium 53
Chloride 31.2
Magnesium 9
Sodium 13
Nitrate 2.88
Nitrit 0
Fluoride 0.53
THE 145
TDS 230
PH 8.20

Alkaline waterAlkaline or fortified water has many minerals that body requires like calcium and magnesium. Besides quenching our thirst, this kind of water can have many benefits for us. One of them is removing acidic toxins from the body. Mineral waters have nutrients required by the body like calcium and magnesium so they are called fortified waters. Calcium and Magnesium are among most important alkaline element of the body because they keep the acid-alkaline balance of the body. As we know, the presence of acidic toxins in the body can have negative implications like chronic diseases and cancer. As the major part of our body is water, if you drink alkaline water, we are doing a good thing for our health.

Benefits of drinking alkaline water every day:

  • It balances the PH of our body
  • It has high antioxidants
  • It has more oxygen
  • It can shift acidic environment to alkali one
  • It can facilitate water transfer to cells
  • It can facilitate oxygen and nutrients transfer to cells
  • It can facilitate removing toxins and wastes from metabolic cells to the kidney
  • It can decrease the usage of carbohydrates as the single source of energy of the body
  • It can increase sport resistance
  • It can regulate body temperature in a better way
  • Faster recovery of the body
  • It can increase the power of aerobic function and activity of the body
  • It improves the taste and structure of water
  • It helps the body to remove remaining harmful elements
  • It helps the body to remove the toxins from the body
  • It gives energy and makes it light