The best of mineral spring waters in the world

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Mineral Springs have always attracted attention and presence of people who are interested in their sparkling nature, extreme temperature, green and beautiful surrounding environment and their health benefits!

But gone are the days when you had to travel to a remote location to drink some mineral spring water! With invention of bottle and industrial advancements, you can enjoy the benefits of the highest quality mineral water at

the comfort of your home!

Not all mineral spring waters are equal though! The taste and health benefits depend on the history of the mineral spring, mineral content, surrounding environment and chemical treatment that has been done to the water.

To help you know more about mineral spring waters, in this article we will introduce the best of mineral spring waters in the world!


1- Tibet 5100


This brand aimed to be the best in the world so they found a unique mineral spring on top of a mountain in Tibet to collect water. The water flow is naturally protected by mountains from the top to the bottom where it is collected. Sustainability is a big concern for this brand so not even a drop of precious water is wasted!


Hourin mineral water


2- Perrier Mineral Water


This brand captures water from a spring in Vergèze which was originally called Les Bouillens and was a spa resort for the Romans. The water and its carbonation are collected separately but they are recombined at the time of bottling in order to preserve original sparkling state. Perrier was probably the first brand to popularize bottled mineral water and now it is dubbed the healthiest alternative to soda with many flavors and colors!


Hourin Mineral Water CO


3- Icelandic Glacial


This brand is bottling one of the best and last remaining fresh waters in the world which has been melted from gigantic glacial for 5000 years and collected in underground spring. The spring is too vast that the brand can’t possibly collect all its water to harm the environment in any way! The collection happens at the site with full sterilization against outside pollutions, sustainability and Carbon Neutral certification.

One interesting fact about this spring water: it was chosen by Christian Dior to exclusively be used in a new line of skincare product, DiorSnow!


Hourin CO


4- Mountain Valley Spring Water


This brand is collecting the water from a spring in the hills between the Glazypeau and Cedar Mountains in Arkansas. The spring has therapeutic properties that can heal chronic diseases along with a balanced PH and a light taste.

One Interesting fact about this spring water: it was chosen by many celebrities and politicians including Elvis Presley, John Lennon and 13 US presidents from Coolidge to Clinton for its healing ability! It is served in the White House and Senate, in addition to being served to number of famous race horses!




5- Ty Nant Natural Mineral Water


This brand captures the water from the spring in Wales’ Cambrian Mountains which is naturally filtered by mineral deposits of 450 million years! It started in high-end hotels in 1989 but currently it is distributed to US as well. The production process is green while the brand is famous for its blue glass bottles!


mineral water (Hourin Factory)


6- San Pellegrino Water


This brand has been sourcing the water from 3 springs of San Pellegrino in mountains of north Milan for 760 years. The water flows energetically from 400 meters underground with a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius and lots of minerals and trace elements that are leached from volcanic rocks.

One interesting fact about this spring water: Leonardo da Vinci drank from this spring water and believed in its healing powers!


Hourin Natural Mineral Water


7- Volvic Natural Spring Water


This brand harnesses the water from Clairvic Spring in Regional Park of the Old Auvergne Volcanoes that has become dormant for 10,000 years! It was discovered in 1927 but didn’t become bottled until 1965. The spring is fully protected and always kept in temperature of 8.8 degrees Celsius. It is exported to 60 countries and is pushing the boundaries in eco friendly production.


HOURIN Natural Spring Water co


8- Jackson Springs Water


This brand sources water from a protected spring hidden in the heart of three forests in Manitoba which is one of the highest elevations in the province. The spring is over 13,000 years old remaining from the last ice age and the water is naturally filtered by rocky terrains which provide a rich mineral profile, alkaline pH and the award winning taste. The brand is known for its quality control which is both performed in house and by an independent third party laboratory.


Hourin Springs Water


9- Castle Rock Water


This brand collects water from springs of Mount Shasta’s glacier in Dunsmuir California. The water is naturally filtered through a long journey in layers of granite, gem infused rock and volcanic lava tubes until it finally exits the mountain in forceful spring. The bottles are glass for environmental concerns.




10- Acqua Panna


This brand sources water from natural spring in the Mugello Region that flows through hills of Tuscany. The water is naturally filtered by the sands and rocks and travels a 14-year journey to the spring which provides a special mineral balance for the smoothest taste and alkaline PH. The bottles are eco friendly and the production is as sustainable as possible.

One interesting fact about this spring water: Acqua Panna’s name originates from the Villa Panna Estate in Tuscany which is a summer estate once owned by the noble Medici family of Florence.  The Medici family was one of the most well known art patrons in history with some of the most celebrated artists and visionaries including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo and Botticelli being in their court.


Hourin Natural Water



The best mineral spring waters in the world have one characteristic in common! They have been naturally collected underground and had chemical reactions with layers of sands and rocks for centuries before bursting excitedly as a spring! However, they all have different personalities due to their unique journey and mineral content!

Hourin spring water sources water from Dimeh Spring in western Iran which is one of the best natural mineral water in the world. The ancient spring is naturally protected and the water is naturally filtered for ages by sands and rocks to provide an optimum mineral profile for health, longevity and healing. The collection is at the site to eliminate contamination and the bottles are 100% recyclable for the intention of being eco friendly.


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