Reasons you should drink Natural Spring Mineral Water

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Natural spring mineral water is a gift from earth filled with precious minerals that has been collected for thousands of years. The water is often contained underground but springs out excitedly from an opening to the surface to nourish plants and animals! But it can hydrate and nourish humans too!

In this article, we will give you 3 good reasons to start drinking natural spring mineral water right NOW.


Natural Spring Mineral Water


Reason #1: it is all natural.

Natural means any water that is sourced from underground and has not been altered in any way, either by removing or adding any substance. It means no chemical treatment is performed on the water. It also means that indirect alterations like industrial or residential pollution is not present in the surrounding environment either through air or soil.

Only under these conditions, a water can be called natural and provide the many health benefits that a true natural spring mineral water has. The naturalness of mineral water provides you with healing power of nature while providing a pleasant taste, freshness and purity.

There are strict regulations in all countries to preserve naturalness of the mineral water. The commercialized natural water is regularly tested by authorities and only after approval; the label on the bottle will have the natural seal.


Reason #2: it flows from a spring, becoming oxygenated.

Spring water flows forcefully out of the ground which causes change in the structure of the water, turning it to a potent antioxidant. The reason is that in this excited state negative oxidation reduction potential (-ORP) is formed which is an indicator of concentrated molecular hydrogen (H2). The body can easily absorb these molecules at cellular level and benefit from its health effects fighting against excess oxidation.

Oxygenation is another phenomenon that happens because of the springing act. The force transforms the bonds inside water molecules causing more oxygen to be available. The level of oxygenation is just enough to provide health advantages without causing any damage.


Hourin Dimeh Natural Mineral Water


Oxygen is the most critical factor for human life and natural spring mineral water provides extra oxygen at no cost!

Considering the pollution caused by industrial toxics, the air we breathe is not clean let alone optimal but having pure and affordable water which is naturally oxygenated can heal some of the damage that is caused by pollution.

Oxygen is also essential for many chemical reactions inside the body in order to cleanse, heal and restore balance and with natural spring mineral water being available in bottles, optimal health is possible!


Reason #3: it has essential minerals for a healthy body and mind.

Minerals are building blocks of earth that have been transformed for millions of years through creation and destruction of rocks and mountains.

But minerals make the structure of human body too! They are the chemical that build our bones, tendons and muscles. They are the reason we can think clearly or breathe effortlessly. They help our heart to pump the blood and our gut to create vitamins that are essential for healthy nerves, skin and hair. They are involved in digestion and absorption without which health is not sustained. Our senses depend on them to guide us through daily life.

Some of the minerals are called electrolytes which are absolutely essential for vital functions of the body. They include sodium, chloride, potassium and bicarbonate which are often tested and administered by IV therapy in emergency cases. Calcium and magnesium are also vital for more than 300 metabolic functions within the body.


natural mineral water


Minerals determine the PH level of water and also our body both of which must be slightly alkaline. If the PH balance in the body is disturbed for any reason, too much alkalinity or acidity will damage tissues and organs to a life threatening point. That is why our intelligent system does everything to maintain the right PH state even if it means to collect calcium from your bones to neutralize acidity!

Drinking natural spring mineral water provides you with the needed minerals so your body doesn’t have to take calcium from your bones or compromise health due to the lack of other minerals.

The mineral content of water can also help you with detoxification and weight loss because these issues are often caused by mineral deficiency. In the lack of enough minerals, your body is not able to flush metabolic waste or environmental toxics. When these materials accumulate in the body, you will need to eat more food to obtain nutrients and create fat in order to store the toxic in fatty tissues so they are not free roaming in your blood and damaging tissues and organs. Your Hair and skin also benefit because minerals are necessary for maintaining beautiful and youthful look. Anti-aging is another area where minerals play a critical role.

The amount and type of minerals in each spring water is different but in general it must contain less than 250 PPM (parts per million) of TDS (total dissolved solids) to be considered healthy with no ill effects for human consumption. It is constantly measured by the manufactures and is stated on the label.

It is worth noting that not all spring waters have minerals. Depending on the surrounding environment and the soil, the spring water might be just pure water with low mineral levels that give it a tasteless state and not much healing capability.



Natural spring mineral water has many health benefits that has been bottled for your convenience to satisfy your thirst and enjoy the many health advantages it has.

Hourin Water produces one of the best natural spring mineral waters in the world captured from Dimeh Spring in the beautiful western Iran. It has a rich history through layers of earth that just makes it more potent in mineral power. It is a strong spring that creates oxygenation in the water adding to its benefits. It has both advantages of springing act and mineral content which is not common in all natural springs throughout world. With 230 TDS level, it is one of the highest quality natural spring mineral water, super healthy and ideal for everyone to drink.

This is the reason you should drink Hourin Natural Spring Mineral Water.


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