Natural Mineral Water is superior to tap water, here is why!

Hourin Mineral Water

Believe it or not, one million bottles of mineral water are consumed globally every minute and it is reported that it has a 20% growth rate! Just add up the numbers and you will be surprised by consumer demand for natural mineral water in 2020!

The high demand and consumption can only be justified by the fact that natural mineral water has many advantages over tap water. Otherwise people wouldn’t pay extra money to buy drinking water?!

In this article, we will investigate why natural mineral water is superior to tap water!


Hourin Natural Mineral Water



  • Source: natural spring vs. rivers and lakes

Natural mineral water is sourced at the site of a natural spring which is located in remote areas with green and natural environment. The environment acts as a natural barrier from modern pollutions of residential or industrial. The soil is also rich in untapped mineral content to infuse the water with healing properties of the minerals.

Tap water is collected form rivers that often run through cities which make it an ideal spot for waste disposal by residents or facilities. The environment is often surrounded by buildings and roads which not only doesn’t provide any protective benefit to the water but also add to the air and soil pollution.


  • Contam ination: pure vs. dirty

Natural mineral water is pure because it is protected naturally by old rocks that keep the water contained underground. That is why spring water doesn’t require much decontamination. However, it is extensively tested in a specialty laboratory at the site for any possible contamination and often not much is found.

Tap water is flowing from rivers that are often used by nearby residents or even industrial facilities that pollute it with waste products; therefore, tap water at the source is contaminated and has a complex purification process which is both mechanical and chemical that affects the integrity of water molecules.

Tap water passes through several stages of processing. First, all dirt and particles must be removed by coagulation; therefore, Alum and some other chemicals are infused to attract and sink them to the bottom. The water then has to go through many filters and layers of sand, gravel and charcoal to eliminate more subtle particles. At next stage, a regulated amount of chlorine is added to kill bacteria and other micro-organisms until it becomes ready for reservoir and tanks both of which are sealed. From there, water is delivered to your home through pipes. The piping system itself might be a source of contamination with many cases of lead poisoning reported!


Hourin Natural mineral water Co


  • mineral content: rich vs. poor

Natural mineral water contains minerals that have been collected from earth by thousands of years of passing through rocks. The minerals give therapeutic effect to the water in which the characteristic of healing power is defined by the type of minerals present in the water. The minerals are often in a healthy range for drinking.

Tap water also contains minerals which can make it soft or hard but it is either not in required amount according to regulations or it is too much that is dangerous for consumption. In case of soft water, minerals are often added to it but with the hard water containing too much calcium or magnesium even boiling doesn’t dissolve them. Sometimes hazardous gases like hydrogen sulphide are present in the source of tap water that must be filtered but some odor might remain!


  • oxygenation: present vs. none

Natural mineral water is oxygenated by the act of forcefully springing out of the underground which breaks the molecular integrity of the water and gives it the distinct characteristic of having more oxygen which has beneficial effect on lungs , heart and brain just to name a few!

Tap water is flowing steadily from the source to the pipes which have no effect on the structure of water molecules; therefore, no oxygenation occurs naturally!


Hourin Natural mineral water Company


  • alkalinity: +8 vs. almost 7

Natural mineral water is slightly alkaline due to its mineral content which has well known health benefits and can balance the highly acidic modern diet.

Tap water is almost neutral which is right but has no extra benefit in term of PH regulation in the body.


  • taste: refreshing vs. ordinary

Natural mineral water tastes refreshing and depending on the mineral content, it has a unique taste unlike anything else.

Tap water in best case scenario is tasteless but often it tastes like pool water due to the chlorination process!


Natural Mineral Water


  • chemical treatment: none vs. done

Natural mineral water is not treated chemically because it is not often contaminated and by regulation, it must maintain its original integrity in order to be labeled natural.

Tap water at the least is fluorinated and chlorinated for dental benefit and decontamination purposes respectively.


  • delivery: bottle vs. piping system

Natural mineral water is delivered in glass or PET plastic bottles which are safe, convenient and healthy.

Tap water is delivered through a piping system that is often old and the possibility of metal contamination like lead is high.



H2O is the life giving substance no matter where it is collected from BUT the source of water can add extra benefits of minerals, purity and taste or it can contaminate water with health hazards which require purification process resulting in change of water integrity and taste.

Natural mineral water is superior to tap water because it is sourced from well protected spring deeply located in clean environments; therefore, it doesn’t have to go through chemical purification processes while containing essential minerals and extra oxygen that provide healing capability. It is slightly alkaline to help your body regulate the PH level which is believed to be favorable for health and longevity. Depending to its mineral content, it tastes unique while extremely refreshing.

Hourin Natural Mineral Water is an example of this superiority because it is one of the best natural mineral water in the world, captured from Dimeh Spring, an ancient spring located in the famous nature of western Iran. It is helpful in healing kidney stones because of its mineral content. Having a considerable PH of 8 turns it to one of the highest quality mineral water which is optimal for health and longevity.

Hourin water