The most useful natural mineral water

Water is life. It helps in creating, sustaining and growing life. It is essential in the cycles of nature. It is one of the 4 pillars of existence without which soil, air and fire will not be able to perform their task.

But not all water is equal. The mineral water flowing out of natural springs has a very different properties compared with tap water and even location of the spring creates distinct characteristics in water.

In this article, we will introduce the most useful natural mineral water that has health benefits beyond satisfying your thirst!




What is natural mineral water?

Natural mineral water flows out of a mineral spring and has concentrated minerals that give therapeutic value and a distinct flavor to the water.

Mineral content includes Calcium, Magnesium and sodium which are essential electrolytes, vital to your health and longevity.

Mineral springs are found in many places throughout world but some are famous for their healing property or purity of their water for drinking purpose. Dimeh Spring in Koohrang, Bakhtiari Province, Iran is one of the well known natural springs in the world that has numerous therapeutic properties including healing of kidney stone disease. It is located in one of the most attractive places in the world with clean air and natural beauty.

Natural mineral springs are generally classified based on the characteristic of their mineral water and the percentage of substances they contain but generally the more calcium and magnesium they contain, the harder the water is, otherwise they will be considered soft water. Some of them contain gases which make the water sparkling rather than still.

In the past only the wealthy can afford to travel to natural mineral springs to enjoy a bath in natural spa or drink from the natural mineral water but thanks to commercialization of mineral waters, everyone can afford to drink a bottle of the best natural mineral water from comfort of their home!

However, the bottled water is considered natural mineral water only if it is obtained from natural mineral springs, bottled in a close distance from the spring and away from any source of contamination and if they are not altered or treated chemically!


What are benefits of natural mineral water?

As the name implies, mineral water contains minerals and substances that are essential for health; therefore, mineral deficiencies which are very common these days will be addressed by drinking natural mineral water that in turn eliminates the need to buy mineral supplements to replace lost electrolytes through sweating or urination.

Electrolytes play an important role in regulating functions of kidney, heart, brain, bones and immune system to maintain healthy levels of fluid and temperature, oxygenation, hormones, blood pressure, blood sugar, nerve transmission and energy. Detoxifying the body of harmful substances and rejuvenating the skin and hair is also resulted from having adequate minerals in the body. They also affect the gut microbiomes which in turn control your mental and emotional health.

Weight loss is another area that is affected by drinking mineral water because it provides your mineral requirements resulting in less hunger and binge eating.

The PH of mineral water is slightly alkaline; therefore, it counter affects the excess acidity of modem diet and heals the diseases caused by it including allergies, autoimmune conditions and digestive issues.

Your teeth also benefits from drinking mineral water due to the calcium content and alkalinity.

In addition, processing of natural mineral water is not chemical and with no added substance, purity and naturalness of the water is kept intact which is a big concern for many people specifically for children, elderly and pregnant women.

Availability of mineral water in bottles makes it an ideal choice for health enthusiasts who live in the cities and cannot afford travelling to mineral springs.


Hourin Mineral Water


What risks are associated with natural mineral water?

Since mineral water is all natural and the mineral content is generally not above the daily requirement of healthy people, there is no known risk associated with drinking natural mineral water. However, if you have any health condition, please consult with your doctor before drinking mineral water.

In terms of contamination, mineral water is scientifically tested in labs before bottling to remove any possible impure substances. Industrial and residential pollutions are also kept in a far distance from the spring and production site so the chance of contamination is zero.

However, Plastic bottles must be made with highest quality food grade materials and kept away from sunlight and extreme heat or cold in order to prevent chemical reactions with water.



The most useful natural mineral water flows from natural springs right out of the earth, containing essential minerals that are in right proportion for human health and without any contamination. This water is tested in cutting edge labs before being bottled in the highest quality materials and it is stored in right conditions away from extreme temperatures and sunlight.

Hourin Water is one of the top brands to produce the most useful natural mineral water from Dimeh spring in Iran. It has state of the art production facility right next to the spring with cutting edge specialty lab to deliver the highest quality mineral water to you.