The highest quality mineral water

Water is the most abundant element in existence with 70% of our beautiful blue planet being water! They say that even the same ratio is true about human body!
But water is not just 2 atoms of Hydrogen and 1 atom of Oxygen bonded together, there are lots of minerals floating around which give each water source a distinct taste and texture and capabilities. That is why some waters are

calledmineral and some natural springs have become famous for their healing and health benefits!
In this article, we will examine the highest quality mineral water to find out what gives a mineral water more quality!


Hourin Mineral Water


What does quality mean in mineral water?

When it comes to mineral water quality, there are 5 factors to consider:

     1- The source of mineral water
Mineral water flows out of a natural spring. If the environment is clean and away from residential or industrial pollutions and there is not much transporting systems around, generally the water stays pure and keeps its original chemical condition.
The forceful flowing state of natural spring turns water to a potent antioxidant due to the formation of negative oxidation reduction potential (-ORP) which is an indicator of concentrated molecular hydrogen (H2) that is easily absorbed at cellular level.

     2- The mineral content
What minerals exist in the water determines the taste, texture and power of the water. The best taste and texture will encourage you to drink enough water during the day to stay well hydrated and the chemical power will provide certain healing abilities against diseases.
Mineral content also gives alkaline state to natural water which is considered healthier and has the ability to balance some of the damages caused by modern acidic diet.
Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals with a vital role in function of organs such as brain, kidney, heart, bone and digestive tract in order to maintain adequate levels of water and temperature, oxygen, blood pressure, blood sugar, hormones, nerve signals and energy. Detoxification, rejuvenation and weight maintenance is also result of balanced electrolytes within the body. They also affect the gut flora which is in charge of your mental and emotional states!
Some of the most important minerals present in mineral water include:
Sodium is one the most important electrolytes and a vital mineral to regulate fluid in the body and is critical for cell signaling. It can also balance potassium levels in the body which in high amount is dangerous for heart health.
Calcium is the most abundant electrolyte in the body which plays a vital role in nerve transmission, bone creation and muscle contraction; therefore it is important for brain, heart and bone health and function.
Magnesium is involved in 300 health functions and is closely related to calcium to regulate vital signals in human body. It is extremely important for muscle relaxation and mood control which makes it necessary to treat depression.
Chloride is one of the electrolytes involved in regulation of acid/base balance in the body and it is necessary for production of stomach acid to digest food properly. It works closely with other electrolytes such as sodium and potassium to maintain balance within your body.
Nitrate is an important mineral to fight bad bacteria and to relax blood vessels for a healthy heart.
Fluoride is the mineral to create new bones; therefore it is medically used to encourage bone growth. It is worth mentioning that fluoride does not prevent weak bone from breaking like in osteoporosis but by encouraging new bone creation, it helps with bone diseases. It also protects teeth from bad bacteria and decay that is why it is added to tap water.

     3- The decontamination process
The less chemical process is performed on natural mineral water the less original chemical state and purity is lost or altered but filtration must be done due to the danger some chemicals can have on human health and the contamination that might be present for natural reasons.

    4- The packaging material
The material for making water bottle has huge impact on the chemical state of the water until it reaches to the consumer. Usually there are 2 materials being used for packaging mineral water:
Plastic which should be made by high density food grade PET or PC in order not to chemically interact with water.
Glass is the another packaging option which does not interact with mineral water but due to the high cost, weight and breakability, it is less common for mineral water packaging and not popular with consumers.

     5- The delivery system
How mineral water is delivered to end-consumer is important as well. The plastic bottles are sensitive to direct sunlight and extreme temperatures; therefore, storing them under sunlight in hot summer or in the freezer can cause chemical reaction with water which is considered very dangerous for human health.


hourin company


Hourin Mineral Water offers the highest quality mineral water derived from Dimeh spring in Koohrang, Iran. This natural spring is known in the world for its purity and ability in healing kidney stone due to its mineral content which is in the range of healthy amount for longevity. The spring is located in one of the most astonishing natural beauties in western Iran with cleanest air, greenest environment and the best natural mineral water. The spring is protected from residential and industrial pollutions and world class specialty lab testing is performed to assess purity and quality of the water before being bottled. The packaging materials are sourced from the best manufacturers which are highly resistant to chemical reaction with the environment. The bottles are delivered in right conditions from manufacturing facility to assure no extreme weather or temperature interacts with bottles.