Mineral Water Benefits

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Benefits of mineral water have been known for centuries and even ancient civilizations around the globe enjoyed drinking and bathing in natural springs. Now in modern times, more scientific research reveals the importance of minerals in human health and longevity.

In this article, we will introduce mineral water benefits and the reasons why you should drink mineral water.

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Why you benefit from drinking mineral water?

Benefits of mineral water are many and some characteristics are shared among all mineral waters but the mineral content is unique to each natural spring. This uniqueness gives a distinct taste and property to each mineral water.

You benefit from drinking mineral water because:


  • Mineral water is pure.

The mineral content of the water is derived from soil, rocks and natural environment around spring often in remote areas away from industrialization. This remoteness provides natural purity which makes the water toxic free and ideal for human health.


  • Mineral water is not processed.

Unlike tap water which is treated with chemicals, mineral water has the least decontamination process in order to maintain original natural state and only remove possible natural hazardous chemicals.


  • Mineral water is alkaline.

PH of the best natural mineral water is slightly alkaline which makes it a potent cure for modern acidic diet. It counter affects the damages of too much acidity and restores balance in the whole body resulting in feelings of warmth and healthfulness.


  • Mineral Water is an antioxidant.

Mineral water is a strong antioxidant due to the flowing state of natural spring. Because of this flowing state negative oxidation reduction potential (-ORP) happens which is an indicator of concentrated molecular hydrogen (H2) that can be easily absorbed at cellular level by human body and act against oxidization.





  • Mineral water satisfies mineral deficiencies.

Mineral deficiency is considered mother of most diseases and highest quality mineral water with its rich mineral content can help replenish any deficiency leaving the body and mind energetic, healthy and happy.

Sodium which is found in natural mineral water in right amounts is probably the most vital electrolyte due to its role in regulating fluid in the body and cell signaling. Its deficiency can result in life threatening conditions.


  • Mineral water heals diseases.

Modern diseases such as autism and dementia along with kidney stones, liver problems and gut issues are resulted from lack of essential minerals; therefore, drinking mineral water helps to cure these conditions and flush the toxins out of the body. It restores healthy flora of the digestive tract in order for nutrients to be absorbed from foods.


  • Mineral water strengthens bones and teeth.

Bones and teeth are made from calcium and need to be provided with dietary calcium. Fluoride and calcium content of the mineral water are vital for healthy bones and teeth. They help build strong bones and prevent dental decay.


  • Mineral water protects the heart.

By balancing out potassium which in high amounts can be dangerous for the heart and the ability to relax muscles, sodium and calcium content of mineral water respectively help the heart to stay healthy, young and strong.


  • Mineral water helps the kidneys.

Kidney stone is a common problem especially in elderly and is resulted from lack of sufficient minerals such as calcium. Drinking mineral water not only provides needed minerals but eases the kidney function by its purity because less filtration is required.


  • Mineral water enhances the brain.

Calcium and magnesium play an important role in regulating nerve signals transmission which is essential for a well functioning relaxed brain and mineral water can provide enough of these minerals.


  • Mineral water cleanses the liver.

Liver is the largest organ in the body with vital role in maintaining life. It stores and distributes minerals throughout body in order to help other organs function properly. Drinking mineral water provides the liver with enough minerals and helps it filter toxics more easily.


  • Mineral Water strengthens digestive system.

Digestive system and its microbiome control physical and mental state but they require nutrients including minerals to perform their tasks and create chemicals to feed the whole body.

Chloride in natural mineral water is an electrolyte with a major role in stomach acid production for a strong digestion.


  • Mineral water enhances immune system.

Human immune system is complicated but the nutritional requirements are simply met by adequate minerals. Nitrate in mineral water is critical for immune system in order to fight bad bacteria and infections.


  • Mineral Water helps with weight loss.

Obesity is sometimes resulted from lack of adequate minerals; therefore, appetite is encouraged only to absorb needed minerals. Since the average diet is often not healthy and doesn’t contain enough nutrients, appetite is never satisfied. By drinking mineral water not only the mineral need is met but pure water is also provided for the body to cleanse the toxins and melt the excess fat so weight loss is achieved.


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  • Mineral Water is good for beauty and rejuvenation.

Hair and skin require water with rich minerals in order to stay youthful and beautiful. Mineral water clarifies the skin from blemishes, reduces fine lines and provides natural glow to your complexion.


  • Mineral Water is always available in bottles.

Lastly, mineral water is delivered in safe plastic bottles so you do not have to travel to natural springs to obtain it!


Hourin Mineral Water is a trusted brand which delivers the best natural mineral water directly from Dimeh Spring in Koohrang, Bakhtiari Province, Iran. This natural spring is known for its rich mineral content and healing ability specifically for kidney stone.

You benefit from drinking the highest quality mineral water that Hourin offers because you receive adequate amounts of essential minerals required for health, beauty and longevity and also enjoy one of the purest and least processed mineral waters in the world to enhance your internal organs while rejuvenating your look, managing your weight and healing your diseases.

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