Effects of Natural Oxygenated Water inside your body

Natural Oxygenated Water

Natural oxygenated water is sourced from natural springs in a few places in the world. It contains more oxygen atoms compared to ordinary water.

Oxygen, as we all know is the most vital element in human life without which the life is sustained only for a few minutes!

Oxygenation is a natural mechanism that happens with accurate regularity in nature including human body.

In this article, we will look at oxygenation process inside the body so you can make an informed decision about drinking Natural Oxygenated Water and be assured that you are getting health and longevity benefit!



What is oxygenation?

Oxygenation is the mechanism of increasing Oxygen saturation or concentration in any system or substance. This mechanism can be natural or man-made.

The natural oxygenation happens in many places in nature like spring waters or waterfalls. The water surface is pushed out of the underground or hills by great force that aerates the water stream leading to presence of more oxygen atoms in the water.

Plants are part of the air oxygenation process where they absorb CO2 and release O2.

The other natural oxygenation process happens inside your body when you breathe air or drink water. It is a heavily regulated system where a precise amount of oxygen is maintained in your blood.


How the oxygenation process works inside your body?

The arterial blood oxygen saturation or SaO2 level is normally 95-100 percent which is mostly maintained by aerobic metabolism. By breathing, red blood cells called hemoglobin collect oxygen molecules from the lung and carry it to all parts of your body.

If for any reason the saturation drops below 90, it is called Hypoxia and considered risky that can lead to respiratory or cardiac arrest. If blood oxygen saturation is below 80 it is life threatening because the organs like brain and heart will experience damage; therefore it requires immediate medical attention.

In the lack of enough oxygen, tissues are deprived of oxygen and in extreme cases Hypoxia leads to Hypoxemia where zero oxygen is supplied.


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On the contrast, if blood oxygen level is too high by breathing at rate higher than normal atmospheric pressure, oxygen toxicity or Hyperoxia happens when too much oxygen molecule accumulate in blood, lung and tissues which results in activation of antioxidants inside the body but damage might happen.

If your blood cells are saturated enough, they will have normal level of oxygen they need at any circumstances.

Many factors can affect the oxygen level in the blood. Exercising is a good example where you will need more oxygen. High altitude also affects oxygen levels in the blood in which more oxygen is required. Changes such as increase in blood pH, body temperature, partial pressure of carbon dioxide (PaCO2) in your blood and even glucose metabolism causes the cells and tissues oxygenation to increase but when the opposite happens, hemoglobin has higher affinity for oxygen; therefore, it distributes less oxygen to the tissue!

Oxygen therapy is used in emergency cases to raise blood oxygen level in which oxygen molecules can enter into cells and tissues, thus oxygenation happens.


How does Natural Oxygenated Water help oxygenation process in your body?

Another way of obtaining oxygen is through drinking natural oxygenated water. Normal water has 1 oxygen atom for every 2 Hydrogen atoms but when water is oxygenated by natural springs, it attains more oxygen molecules. The level of added oxygen is different for every natural spring and depends on the rate of pressure at which water springs out. The extra oxygen is placed between water molecules making it more active, fresh and readily absorbable.

By drinking natural oxygenated water, the extra oxygen enters the blood and is readily available for distribution to the cells, tissues and organs resulting in full hydration and proper oxygenation.

On the other hand, mineral content of natural oxygenated water raises your blood pH level resulting in more oxygenation to the cells, tissues and organs!

When your body is fully hydrated and oxygenated at cellular level, blood is flowing undisturbed every where it is needed and adequate oxygen is delivered to cells, tissues and organs. Inside cells, there are enzymes in need of oxygen to do their function of oxidizing nutrients for absorption, creating vitamins and compounds and also eliminating waste metabolic material.


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In the lack of enough oxygen, this intracellular oxidation process is disturbed resulting in imbalanced blood flow, malnutrition and accumulation of toxins inside cells and organs which in long term will lead to chronic diseases. This is more important in the case of athletes and people with blood and oxygen related diseases as well as those who have weaker immune system.

Natural Oxygenated Water increases the detoxifying effect of the water and enhances your immune system for fighting pathogens. By regulating hydration, oxygenation and immunity, your mental state benefits from clarity, your emotional state is stable and your overall energy is more available.

By delivering more nutrients to your cells and removing more toxins from them, your hormonal levels become normal and your appetite is regulated  therefore weight loss is achieved, not to mention that proper oxidation results in more fat burn!

Natural Oxygenated Water is also critical for Anti aging because in presence of proper oxygenation and hydration, subcutaneous cell tissues regularly receive sufficient oxygen and nutrients through fluid exchange with blood resulting in youthful skin and hair.


Oxygen deficiency is almost everywhere due to environmental pollutions in the air and since oxygen therapy can have adverse health effects, it is not recommended without physician supervision.

Instead, Natural Oxygenated Water can provide a healthy dose of oxygen supply through drinking water which is safe for your body to handle. The resulted hydration and oxygenation is helpful in enhancing immune system, metabolism, performance and beautification.

Hourin Natural Oxygenated Water obtains more oxygen from the very natural act of springing from one of the best natural mineral water sources in the world. The oxygen level is in a safe and adequate amount to overcome the oxygen deficiency in most people. It is captured and bottled at the site of Dimeh spring which has one of the highest quality mineral waters.


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