Disadvantages of mineral water

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Mineral water has proven advantages for human health and longevity but not all mineral waters are created equal! The source of the water, the surrounding environment, laboratory testing, packaging and delivery are all important factors that will influence the quality of even the best natural mineral water. If either of these factors is harmful, the disadvantages might be severe!

In this article, we will look at the disadvantages of mineral water that can have negative effect on your health and life.


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How mineral water becomes disadvantageous?

Mineral water might have disadvantages if it has the following conditions:


  • If bottled water is not captured from natural spring.

Some bottled waters are just tap water that has been bottled for your convenience. It has no more mineral than what you get from tap water at your home and it is as much chemically treated. There is no healing property and the money you are paying is just to have some tap water available when you are out! The main disadvantage in this case is that tap water has remained in plastic bottle for a long time and under bad conditions that it has lost freshness and taste and might even have reacted chemically with plastic material!


  • If mineral content of the water is toxic.

Mineral water is captured from natural spring that flows forcefully from deep underground to the surface; therefore, by definition it is clean and pure but it contains mineral which are derived from surrounding soil and rocks. Minerals are good for humans only in certain amounts and even a slight rise can lead to toxicity.

Some chemicals such as Sulfur, Arsenic and Lead are found in the soil that can have varying presence in different locations. These minerals are extremely strong and toxicity from them is very serious. The natural springs that contain too much of these minerals are not necessarily suitable for drinking purposes.

The mineral content of the water also determines the PH level and if this level lowers to an acidic state, it will become dangerous for human consumption.


  • If the taste of mineral water is not refreshing.

The taste of the water is resulted from mineral content. Each mineral has a unique taste and each spring water has a distinct flavor which is not necessarily pleasant; therefore, every water captured from any natural spring is not necessarily drinkable! Too much sulfur will give a rotten taste to water and excessive calcium will make the water hard!


  • If surrounding environment of natural spring is contaminated.

Although natural springs flow from underground but some natural factors can affect the purity of their water. Things like dead animal body fallen into stream can contaminate the water as is molds, fungus and parasites living in dark and moist underground environment in some areas of the world. That is why specialty laboratory testing is necessary to remove natural health hazards.

Nearby industrial plants can negatively influence the quality of natural spring as well because they release pollutions into air, soil and water.


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  • If mineral water is treated chemically.

Decontamination process is necessary to some degree to remove natural pollutions but if done excessively, the mineral water will lose its purity and originality and gain chemicals such as chlorine. In this case mineral water will taste and act just like tap water!


  • If plastic bottles of mineral water are low grade.

Plastic packaging of mineral water must be food grade and highest quality with certain properties to make it resistant against heat, cold and chemical reaction. If low quality materials are used in bottle production, chemicals such as bisphenol A or BPA can seep into the water which is harmful for humans. Other contaminations such as algae or mold can grow as well that could have negative health effects.


  • If mineral water bottles are stored under extreme sun light or cold temperature.

Storage is a key factor in mineral water quality as even best plastic bottles can be affected under direct sun light or very cold temperatures like freezer. These conditions will result in chemical reaction with water leading to formation of disease producing compounds.


  • If mineral water is expensive.

Lastly, price is a key defining factor when choosing to drink mineral water. If it is too expensive, your budget will suffer greatly leading you to give up on drinking mineral water and its health benefits!


Hourin Mineral Water has been concerned about any disadvantages from the day one; therefore, planning, production and delivery is set in such a way that customers’ heath, budget and life will benefit from the many advantages of the best natural mineral water.

Hourin mineral water is sourced from one of the top natural springs in the world known for its purity and healing properties. Dimeh natural spring is located in Koohrang, Bakhtiari Province, Iran which is one of the most clean and healthy environments in west Iran with no known natural hazard. It is in a large distance from any industrial or residential pollution and the production site is located in the right distance to provide the freshest mineral water. A world class specialty laboratory tests the water for any possible contamination yet no chemical is used to treat the water in order to maintain purity and originality. The water contains essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium in just the right amount which makes it one of the highest quality mineral water with a pleasing taste and alkaline PH. Best materials are used to bottle the water that can withstand extreme heat or cold to a certain degree. The delivery system is in such a way to protect the bottles from sunlight. Above all, the pricing is set reasonably to help people benefit from drinking mineral water without hurting their budget!